How much does it cost to change a flight with Alaska airlines?

Suppose you are planning a trip and wondering about which airline provides the best services and which airline has a flexible policy. In that case, the answer to these questions will be Alaska Airlines because it has different services, for example, extra-luggage policy, pet policy, food, drink facility, lounge facility, pet policy, multi-city flight ticket at discounts, and whatnot. And if you have booked a ticket already with Alaska Airlines and are thinking of changing a flight for some reason, but you have no idea about the Alaska Airlines change flight policy and what the rules are or what steps are to do so. Below is a detailed discussion about the same, and this will help you in many ways, have a look at it:

The policy of changing an Alaska flight

If you are deciding to change your flight and the reason can be, unavailability on the day of your booked ticket, illness, or your accompanied person has got different timings, or you want to book a different class on a different flight, etc. Now you must be wondering about what are the different steps or what can be Alaska Airlines change flight rules. Below are the mentioned points:

  • You must change the flight within 24 hours of your booking to avoid any extra fare charged by the Alaska Airlines authority, and this will help you in saving your money.
  • If you are changing your flight post 24 hours of your booking, then you have to pay the charge fee
  • If you want to change class (from economy class to business class), you have to pay the difference in fare to the airways. (this booking of the different classes depends on the availability of the flight and seats.)
  • Cancel your reservation before depart of your flight. (by this, you may receive future travel credit.)
  • Saver fare travelers are not eligible for same-day confirmation changes.

The process of changing an Alaska Airlines flight

  • Visit the official website. (
  • At the home page, tap on "Manage."
  • Fill in the details (passenger's last name and confirmation code.) and press "Continue."
  • Find the flight in "Upcoming Trips" and tap on "Change Reservation."
  • Select passenger and choose "Change the trip."
  • Then tap on "Change Flight."
  • Choose one out of the different types of fare. (for example, Lowest main or first class, refundable main or first class, mileage, etc.) 
  • Click on continue and choose a new flight, and the difference in fare will be shown there. (Alaska Airlines change flight feedepends on the nature of changing a flight at Alaska Airlines.)

The fee to change a flight with Alaska Airlines

If you are planning to change your flight due to any reason, either you want to shift your class, or you will not be able to board the flight on the day of your booked flight for any personal issue, etc. And Alaska Airlines' change flight fee depends on the nature of changing flight. Below are the mentioned points that will assist you:

  • On the same day of your confirmed booking, you have to incur around 50$ to change your flight. (By and large, it depends on the availability of seats and flights.)
  • Saver fare travelers are not eligible for same-day confirmation changes.

These mentioned points will always assist you in understanding the policy of Alaska Airlines change flight, and also, the process which is mentioned will help in saving you time at the time when you will decide to change the flight at Alaska Airlines. Apart from this, if you have any concerns or want to get consulted via customer executive, you can always call on the number 1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR), and you will be responded to at very that moment.

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